Char-Clay Detoxifying Mask

A detoxifying face mask to draw out and slough away impurities. 

  • Key Ingredients

    -Salicylic Acid- To gently slough off dead skin cells, open pores, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, and calm inflammation.

    -Terpinen-4-ol: As a main component of the essential oil of tea tree oil, it has antibacterial and antifungle effects often used in wounds and cutaneous infections.

    -Willow Bark Extract: Promotes the same exfoliating, prevention of pore clogging, and new cell growth stimulation properties as salicylic acid in a safe, non-irritating manner.

    -Aloe: Moisturizes and calms inflammation

    -Charcoal: Extracts bacteria, dirt, and other particles from the skin. 

  • Return Policy

    We will accept returns up to two weeks from purchase. 


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