Intense Rejuvenating Cream

Intense Rejuvenating Cream

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Premium moisturizer with global anti-aging properties. Active ingredients fight dehydration, age spots, and wrinkles and protect against stress. Made with precious emollients including plum seed oil, raspberry seed oil, and olive oil derived squalene. Effectively moisturizes and nourishes without being oily.  

  • Key Ingredients

    1. Epidermal growth factor, a peptide to help skin cells grow.

    2. Acetyl tetrapeptide platinum (ATP), a peptide that improves skin elasticity and firmness.

    3. Co Q10, an antioxidant that detoxifies and energizes skin cells. 

    4. Squalene, which comes form olive oil, to protect the barrier function of the skin.

    5. Plum seed oil, a natural emmolient.

    6. Raspberry seed oil, an antioxidant with high levels of Vitamin E to calm inflammation.


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