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Cosmetic Service Fees

Cosmetic consultations are complimentary. Once a treatment plan is designed, fees for injections, laser and Spa services can be reviewed.

Medical Service Fees

Our fees are between 9% and 15% above current Medicare fees. Listed below are a sampling of our most common Visits and Procedures – these are examples only. Your fees may be different.

  • Fee(s) charged are based on type of service and complexity.

  • Pathology fees are separate. Pathologies are performed and charged by Naples Pathology Associates and you will receive a separate bill from them.

  • Surgery fees vary greatly based on: size, location, benign vs cancerous pathology, and complexity.

  • Mohs-style surgeries will receive an estimate. These procedures are the most complex and may involve flaps or grafts.

  • Estimates may be requested in advance of any procedure that is expected to be $400 or more (see No Surprises Act for more details

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YH Derm Surgery Fees and Codes.jpg
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