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Cosmetic Service Fees

Cosmetic consultations are complimentary. Once a treatment plan is designed, fees for injections, laser and MedSpa services can be reviewed prior to scheduling your treatment. Additionally, our annual VIP Membership offers exceptional (20%)  savings to patients considering cosmetic services. The VIP savings also applies to all MedSpa and skincare products.

Medical Service Fees

As of January 1, 2024 we are not accepting any insurance. We are Non-Contracted with all traditional insurance companies and have "Opted Out" of Medicare. Medical fees for our Self-Pay medical patients are approximately double the current Medicare fees.

Estimated charges for medical surgeries and/ or procedures can be provided after you have been examined by one of our Providers and any needed lab or pathology results have been received and reviewed with you. Estimates cannot be provided over the phone due to the complexity of skin conditions and the variety of possible treatment options (benign growths, cancerous growths, number and type of biopsy, medication, electrocautery, freezing with liquid nitrogen, surgery, skin flaps, etc.). 


Listed below are descriptions of different types of Visits and Procedures to familiarize you with some of the treatment combinations that may be recommended as part of your medical care.

  • Fee(s) charged are based on type of service and complexity.

  • Pathology fees are separate. Pathologies are performed and charged by Naples Pathology Associates and you will receive a separate bill from them.

  • Surgery fees vary greatly based on: size, location, benign vs cancerous pathology, and complexity.

  • Mohs-style surgeries will receive an estimate. These procedures are the most complex and may involve flaps or grafts.

  • Estimates may be requested in advance of any procedure that is expected to be $400 or more (see No Surprises Act for more details

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