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Using a light touch and keen eye, we offer Cutera to our patients struggling with those small red veins that appear with age. These spider veins can appear anywhere, but are most common on the legs and face. You won’t believe how good your skin looks without the redness and veining you have come to see over time. A simple procedure with outstanding results.

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We Proudly Provide:

  • Cutera Excel® V

Veins are most commonly treated in these areas:


Small, red or purple veins can appear anywhere on the legs, but are common around ankles.


Weakened blood vessel walls can result in veins appearing around the nose.


Faulty valves are another cause of veins, which can appear on cheeks.


Veins on the chin are noticeable, common and easily treated.

The comment that we hear most after performing a vein treatment on a patient is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” As we age, blood vessels can weaken, valves can give out, and tiny amounts of blood can pool into veins forming spider veins. Fortunately, treatment is quick and easy, and the results are stunning!

What Our Patients Say

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Naomi C.

"Dr. Cyndi is so amazing. She provides the quality of care that you could expect to receive from someone who is a family member. You receive true TLC at this practice!"

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