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If you are a YH Derm patient, you are already a wonderful person. . . but are you a VIP? Our VIP Program is celebrating its 8th year of success and it’s all because it works for our VIP Members!

Top 5 Reasons to Be a YH Derm VIP Member:

1) Savings – VIPs save 20% on ALL cosmetic services and products for an entire year. Our VIPs save on everything from SkinBetter cleanser to Halo and Sofwave, Botox and filler. If it’s a cosmetic product or service, it’s a 20% savings. That includes all our Spa services and skincare products!

2) Low-Cost Membership – VIPs pay $500 for 12 months of savings. VIPs can start their membership in any month, so it works best for their travel and residence plans (i.e., November to November, or April to April). You pick your 12-month membership cycle, so you get the most out of your membership.

3) Flexibility – whatever you want, whenever you want it. At YH Derm we don’t use monthly specials to manipulate how you purchase your services and products. We don’t place older products, or less popular services on monthly specials to promote usage. We let you decide what you want – it’s always 20% off.

4) Best Pricing – VIPs always receive our best pricing. If there is ever a promotion or corporate-sponsored event, our VIPs receive the lowest of the promotional price or their VIP savings – they always receive our lowest price.

5) Perks and Gifts – We make sure any gifts, savings, coupons, or swag are always given to our VIPs. If we have something to share, VIPs are the first to receive it. Last winter our VIPs received a free, full-sized Leaf It To Me cleanser and toner duo as a holiday gift. When demonstration patients are needed we ask our VIPs first if they would like to be a demo patient in exchange for free services. VIPs also receive preferred scheduling whenever possible and are first called from our Wait List.

Does VIP Membership Make Sense for You?

If you spent $2,500 with us in the past year, a VIP membership probably makes sense. At $2,500 patients “break-even” on the VIP program. In other words, their savings are equal to the $500 cost. Once you spend more than $2,500 in a year, the Membership really begins to work for you.

If you had either a) 2-3 fillers with 1-2 Botox/Dysport treatments; OR b) Halo, Profractional, or Sofwave within the last year, the VIP Program may help you save on your future services.

The VIP Membership has grown almost every year (excluding COVID) which tells us that our patients see the value and enjoy the flexibility. We would love to talk to you about this wonderful program designed to reward our loyal patients. Please call for more information 239-529-DERM(3376). TTYS!!

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