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Fillers (Part 1) – Why so Popular?

Fillers, also called dermal fillers, are more popular than ever with usage growing 70%1 from 2019 to 2022! So now is the perfect time to learn about them, or to learn about treatment options if you’re already a filler patient. Here in Part 1 of Fillers – Why so Popular, we’re going to talk only about HA fillers. Part 2 will go over the second class of fillers called bio-stimulators, that also give amazing results but in a very different way.


Growing, Growing, Gone!

Popular for a variety of reasons, HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers are most loved for giving immediate results. Unlike Botox or Dysport, which can take up to 14 days for full effect, HA fillers  have immediate effect. HA fillers are also well loved for their safety and reversibility.

HA fillers are the largest class and most widely used fillers. While fillers account for 30% of all non-surgical aesthetic procedures, HA fillers are responsible for 86% of the 5.7 million treatments (US 2022)¹.  HA, or hyaluronic (HI-uh-lur-onik) acid, is a naturally occurring substance within your body. It exists throughout your body, but is most concentrated in joints, skin, and the “jelly” within the eye. In the distant past, HA was extracted from animal sources, but has been synthetically created for decades now. Because your body already contains HA, reaction to filler injections is incredibly rare.

Cheeks, Temples and Jawlines – Oh My!

The “mid-face” is the most popular injection site for filler injections. Mid-face injections restore facial shape and dynamic curves from the cheeks to just below the mouth. (See our BeforeandAfters.) Women experience demineralization of their bones with age, particularly post-menopause. Many women are aware of weakened bones in their spine and hips, but unaware that the same demineralization occurs in the facial bones. Fillers are injected to build up the original contours lost to time giving the face soft curves along with cheek and chin projection – mimicking the shapes and curves that thicker facial bones provided in younger years.

In addition to bone loss, mature faces often suffer from a loss of fat. Over time plump fat pads under the skin become thin, separate, and migrate downward, leaving a hollow or sunken appearance along with heavier jowls and a soft jawline.

Filler injections reverse the compounding effects of bone and fat loss by restoring facial structure and shape – giving sagging skin something to “hold on to”. This results in smoother skin and decreased wrinkles and folds. Fillers also have the added benefit of beautifying the skin to a certain degree. HA fillers are hydrophilic, which means the filler molecules draw in and hold water molecules. That is why even one syringe makes a visible difference – it’s the combination of the HA filler + water from your own body. One syringe of filler contains only 1/5 teaspoon of actual HA filler. The compounding effect of

grabbing and holding water is part of the natural beauty fillers offer.


Dollars and Sense

In many ways fillers just make sense. Among the lowest cost aesthetic procedures, fillers deliver a lot of bang for the buck. Most fillers cost between $750 and $950 with results that often last between 6-12months. Botox and Dysport, while more popular, can cost just as much and last only 3-5 months. At YHCD, 60% of our patients belong to our VIP Program giving them 20% Off all their aesthetic services and products, taking a single syringe down to $600!  For patients who maintain their filler, they often need only 2-3 syringes per year to maintain a soft, lifted facial shape along with the luminousity fillers provide.


Facing Your Filler Fear

For those who fear a puffy, distorted look after filler treatment, remember at least 25% of the women you see are probably receiving filler injections²! When it’s done well, no one should know. If you are naïve to fillers, you can go slow getting only one syringe at a time and building your results until, like Goldilocks, it’s “just right”! Last . . . HA fillers are dissolvable, so it can always be reversed.

Hopefully, you know a lot more about fillers and have come to understand the incredible growth in popularity.  We encourage you to visit us for a complimentary cosmetic consultation with one of our Providers. We will help you develop a plan that fits your goals, timelines, and budget.  Schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation or appointment by calling 239-529-DERM (3376) or use our online scheduler.


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