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Q&A with Dr. John DeNigris

Q. Area all warts viral? Do they spread? Do they come and go? Does the apple-cider home remedy ever work?

A. A true wart is a viral infection of skin cells. For this reason, warts are contagious to others and to the patient themselves. We commonly see a line of warts where patients have been scratching. Generally, they do not come and go, but can be removed by our immune systems leading them to go away all on their own. Vinegar which contains acetic acid has been used medically on warts for many years. While the effectiveness may not be high, those looking for a natural treatment should be able to safely try this method. Eventually the patient’s own immune system should find the warts whether any treatment is performed or not. Most patients who come to us with warts either have extensive disease or have had the warts for over 2 years at which time treatment may be indicated. The most effective treatments include liquid nitrogen treatment and salicylic acid. Multiple treatments may be required as warts are very tough to treat. If you have a wart that is not going away and you would like to discuss treatments options, we would be happy to evaluate!

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