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The Fundamentals

There is a simplicity to aligning your actions with fundamental principles. When it comes to healthy touchable skin, the fundamentals can also yield some pretty terrific results. The beauty industry would like to bamboozle you with trends, buzz-words, new technologies and raz-ma-taz! (Does anyone really know what a BBC cream is? Or how about a CC cream?!)

So, let’s take a minute to break it down into some tried and true fundamentals.  As Larry Bird said: “First, master the fundamentals.”


Womans Skincare Fundamentals

Safety First

Before you can have great skin, you must first have healthy skin. Healthy skin requires protection from environmental damage – like the sun and harsh chemicals. Using a 30+ SPF sunscreen and protective clothing when out in direct sunlight is a must. Re-applying every 2-3 hours is also a must.

Your skin also needs to remain hydrated and protected. Drinking plenty of water and using a good lotion helps ensure the outer skin barrier remains intact so bad substances can’t penetrate.


Spot Check

As you age, your skin cells stop replicating and turning over as perfectly as they did when you were young. Age spots and discolorations are visual indicators of imperfect cell replacement. But spots and discolorations can be more than just a sign of ageing. They might be cancers or pre-cancers. Annual skin checks are recommended for everyone, more frequent exams are recommended for those with family or personal history of skin cancer.


Fundamentals of Better Skin

Now that we’ve covered Safety, it’s time to review the fundamentals of keeping your skin looking good! Here too, it’s pretty simple.

1)     Find a skincare routine that you repeat every day. The key is finding the best products and using them every day. Good skincare is not a scam, it’s real and it makes a difference. Best of all, great skincare products don’t have to break the bank. Remember, skincare is to your skin what food is to your body. So, give yourself the best nutrition and skincare you can afford.

a)     You only need 5 products: cleanser, vitamin C (morning anti-oxidant), moisturizer, sunscreen, and vitamin A (evening retinol).

2)     Schedule periodic treatments and procedures to:

a)     Stimulate collagen and elastin production for firm, elastic skin that resists wrinkling and “snaps back”.

b)     Stimulate cell turn-over for plump, soft, newer skin cells at the skin surface. Newer skin cells are round and hydrated, they are even-toned and plump.



You might be shocked at how simple it is to align yourself with good skin fundamentals. But truly, Keeping It Simple and Straightforward creates a repeatable behavior that you can easily start with minimal cost and minimal time. I encourage each of you to compare your routine to these simple fundamentals. If there is something you are missing, we are happy to help you fill in the gap. We offer complimentary skincare consultations and aesthetic treatment consultations.


So, You Want to Get Fancy?

For those of you already engaged in the fundamentals of skincare, we can definitely take it up a notch! And we love to deliver WOW results! 

-        We can help you accelerate and significantly improve the way your skin looks and feels with targeted specialty products, like HAs, skin-brighteners, peptides, and skin-plumping agents. (Shop our skincare products. )

-        We can also dramatically stimulate collagen and elastin production with procedures like SkinPen microneedling , Sofwave , HALO, and injectable bio-stimulators.

-        Cell turnover can go to new levels with custom combinations of chemical or laser peels, microneedling, and BBL (Broad Band Light) treatments.

-        In the hands of our Providers, injectable fillers and toxins are unmatched in their ability to effect change immediately. Not only do we restore lost volume and shape to your face, both fillers and toxins have beneficial skin effects. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers pull water into the tissues, adding youthfulness and luminosity to the skin. Toxins smooth skin and decrease pore size.

At Yag-Howard Cosmetic Dermatology we want to help you be your absolute best. Maybe that’s finding, and sticking with, your fundamentals. Maybe that means taking it up a notch to fabulous. Whatever your best means for you – we’re here for you! 

If you are unsure where to begin, start with a complimentary consultation – either with our Esthetician or one of our Providers. We will help you develop a plan that fits your goals, timelines and budget.  At Yag-Howard Cosmetic Dermatology (YHCD) we offer many skin improvement options and we would be happy to see you for a complimentary cosmetic consultation or appointment 239-529-DERM(3376) or reach us at:  Contact YHDerm.

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