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Are you the kind of person who can’t wait to try the next new thing? Or are you the person that sits back and waits for others to go first? In business parlance these two types are called “early adopters” and “late adopters”. If you are like most people, you probably fall somewhere in the middle.

Additionally, most of us make decisions based on our level of desire vs. our perceived level of risk. There’s not much risk in trying a new restaurant or a new laundry soap. But there is significantly more risk in a new surgical procedure or investing in a new start-up company.


New for the Sake of New

In the aesthetics industry, the same holds true. There are thousands of new devices, procedures, and treatments launched every year. It might surprise you to know that the global aesthetic device industry was valued at $13.35Billion in 2021 and is forecast to grow to $34.45Billion¹ by 2030. That’s a LOT of new aesthetic devices!

Intuitively you know that some of those devices will offer truly new and exciting technology, while others may be slightly altered versions of what we already have. The perfect example exists in the pharmaceutical industry where two separate “old” medications are combined into a single capsule, creating a “new” medication.


Trusted Professionals

As a Yag-Howard Cosmetic Dermatology (YHCD) patient you have the benefit of our decades of experience and expertise. We are here to guide your aesthetic decisions, steering you away from low-value or risky procedures and steering you toward those we know to have value. YHCD has a many excellent devices in our “tool box”, devices that have been proven to consistently deliver dramatic results with exceptional safety. YHCD does not want the newest version of every device. We are not “early adopters”. Instead, Dr. Cyndi taps her trusted network of medical professionals for feedback. She often performs months of research before bringing a new device into the office. That is why we only offer services that have been researched, tested, and found to deliver what is promised. We believe this is an important part of our value to you.



Some of our favorite devices are listed below and linked to our website. We rely on these devices to deliver great results every time and feel confident recommending them. Most are cross-functional and can be used on both the face and body.

-        Sciton’s Joule – multifunctional light and laser offering a full spectrum of skin rejuvenation including: Halo, Re-surfacing, BBL (Broad Band Light), and Laser Hair Removal

-        Sofwave – ultrasound-based energy delivery to lift and tighten tissue below the skin, but above the fat layer.

-        Cutera Excel V – gentle laser used to treat small veins and vessels (red and blue), also used to minimize bruising post-procedure.

-        SkinPen Microneedling – FDA cleared microneedling with adjustable penetration to address wrinkles and texture in the thinnest (lower eye and neck areas) and the thickest skin (cheeks).


We take your trust seriously and always strive to always do what is best for you. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise with a complimentary cosmetic consultation – either with our Esthetician or one of our Providers. We will help you develop a plan that fits your goals, timelines, and budget.  Schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation or appointment by calling 239-529-DERM (3376) or use our online scheduler.


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