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Bye Bye Brown (and Red) Spots

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

BBL – Dr. Cyndi Explains Why You NEED BBL: It’s the Bomb-Diggity!

Smooth, even-toned skin looks healthy, young and beautiful. Even if skin has fine lines and wrinkles, smooth even-toned skin still looks good. BBL is a newer, more advanced version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Click BBL Treatment for an overview. I think it is a tremendous value in your skincare and cosmetic routine. In fact, I think it’s one of the most undervalued and underutilized treatments we offer at YH Derm. I hope you will take a minute to let me help you see BBL the way I see BBL.

#1: It can make your skin cells begin to look and act like younger cells. BBL has scientific data showing that skin cells start to behave like younger cells when those cells are exposed to BBL. In other words, the older cells acted more like younger cells – looking more plump, luminous, resilient and attractive (video).

#2: It effectively targets both brown and red spots, clearing them away and leaving you with beautiful, even-toned skin. Dr. Cyndi and I use different light wavelengths and filters to target the pigmented spots on your skin. These pigmented spots absorb the targeted bursts of light and effectively die, sloughing away like small, flat scabs over about 1 weeks’ time.

#3: BBL can keep the spots from returning. This very bright, targeted light is not only absorbed by pigmented spots on the skin surface but also by pigmented cells below the surface. So, spots you cannot even see are destroyed before they become visible – leaving you with skin that looks and feels younger and more resilient.

#4: BBL can be used on almost any area of the body. Age spots on your hands, arms, neck and chest can all be treated with great success. Many of us have a good facial skincare regimen, but few of us take the same care with our neck, chest and hands. Yet thin, spotted skin on the hands or chest can be an unattractive mismatch against beautifully smooth skin on the face.

#5: Last, BBL is a relatively low-cost treatment that requires only topical numbing and takes about 45min per area. The cost of BBL for the face is less than the cost of a single syringe of filler! Yet the results can easily last 6 months and when maintained, will provide a youthful look that can’t be matched with tinted sunscreen or make-up.

I hope you can see why I think BBL is the Bomb-Diggity! Please call our office for a complimentary cosmetic BBL consultation, or an appointment 239-529-DERM (3376) or Contact YHDerm.

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