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Eye Love

Windows to the Soul

Our eyes say so much about us, they are much more than just another feature on our face. When communicating you can often tell how a person feels, if they are being truthful, or tired, engaged or bored, and rested or fatigued. Surrounded by thin, delicate skin and many blood vessels, the eye area can be the first and most noticeable sign of age or poor health.

For centuries¹ the eye area has received special care: cucumber slices, cool tea bags, cold rollers and hundreds of different eye creams. So, this blog is completely dedicated to Eye Love.

Womans Eyes

Wrinkles Be Gone! There are a variety of treatments to get rid of wrinkles under and around eyes, these are our Top 5.

1) Starting with the most popular, neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport and (the newest) Daxxify. By injecting very small amounts of these neuromodulators into the tiny muscles around the eyes (think crows feet) we temporarily relax those tiny muscles so they stop flexing and creating wrinkles. Injecting just above the eyebrow creates a “brow-lift” effect which also reduces wrinkles around the outer eyes.

2) Less popular, and severely under-rated is the use of under-eye fillers. With age, the smooth tissues under the eye can become sunken, creating a space that wrinkled skin “falls” into. By injecting filler into the sunken area, we smooth out that sunken space, softening and diminishing the wrinkles. In addition to smoothing out wrinkles, under-eye filler can also remove the shadow that often appears in the sunken area – this helps eliminate dark smudges under the eye.

Before & After

3) SkinPen microneedling all around the eyes is a terrific way to stimulate collagen. Creating new collagen gives the skin smoothness and elasticity so it has fewer wrinkles and holds its shape better.


4) Chemical Peels, like a TCA peel, are a lesser-known tool to address both wrinkles and “pebbled” skin². Our Esthetician is a peel specialist and can adjust the peel strength to your needs. She often starts with a gentle peel to get you comfortable with the process and strengthens the next peel(s) to ensure you get a great result while remaining comfortable with the process. Skincare consults are complimentary and can be scheduled online.

5) Skincare products are the last, and most crowded category, of treatments. Working with our Esthetician is the best way to choose the right product for you. You’ll want one that moisturizes the thin skin around the eye, without being so thick that it creases (or melts mascara). You may want a product that accelerates skin turn-over, bringing newer, more plump cells to the surface. Some products are designed to brighten the under-eye area and / or reduce discolorations. Again, there are so many to choose from that a little professional guidance will help keep you from wasting money and time on a product that doesn’t meet your needs. I’ve linked two of our favorite eye products here: I Can't Believe My Eyes and SkinBetter's Interfuse Eye Cream.

Please call for a complimentary skin consultation or 239-529-DERM(3376) or reach us at: Contact YHDerm.

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