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Q&A with Dr. Cyndi: Why is my Face so Red?


Redness is a common complaint for many patients. There are a variety of issues that can cause redness. Examples are:

· Telangiectasia: which are small, widened blood vessels. The cause of these is not always understood but is believed to be from chronic sun exposure, genetics, and/or environmental factors.

· Rosacea: which is a chronic inflammatory condition that comes and goes. Patients with rosacea usually experience facial flushing, telangiectasia, and a generalized redness, usually seen on the cheeks and nose. The cause is not completely understood but it is seen most often in individuals with lighter skin.

· Various skin conditions: There are a variety of other skin conditions that can cause redness which is why you should first be evaluated by your dermatologist. Some of these may need to be treated with medications.

Why is my skin so red?


The short answer is… depends. Telangiectasia, the widened blood vessels, can be treated with a special laser. At Yag-Howard Cosmetic Dermatology (YHCD) we treat these superficial blood vessels using the Cutera Excel V, the most clinically effective long-pulse Nd:YAG for vascular lesions. Most people benefit after just one treatment, but others may need more than one treatment. Often, results are seen immediately.

Rosacea can be improved with certain medications. Some of these medications help with redness but do not fully resolve all the flushing. BBL, a light treatment, works well to diminish the generalized redness. Most patients require 2-3 treatments but see improvement after just one.

Again, it is best to be evaluated by your dermatologist before seeking treatment for redness. You could have a medical condition that needs a different kind of treatment. The good news is, there are several options available with little to no downtime.

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