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Q&A with Dr. John DeNigris

Q. Is sea bathing (the Gulf) really good for skin conditions?

A. While bathing in the ocean is generally safe, there are no direct known skin benefits. In fact, bathing in the ocean with any open wounds or sores can lead to infection. Also, while sunbathing or bathing in the sea, it is important that proper sun protection be used. Water reflects the sun’s rays back onto the skin increasing sun exposure in a shorter period of time. This is true for water and snow. For individuals with a normal immune system and no open wounds, bathing in the ocean can be a safe, fun, and an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of living on the coast of Florida! If you are looking for ways to keep your skin healthy and younger, we would be happy to develop an individualized plan for you which can include topical daily regiments, cosmetic treatments, and skin care prevention like sunscreen.

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