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Skin Renewal at YH DERM

Updated: Jun 15, 2023


Desquamation (deh-skwuh-may-shn) – it’s not a very pretty word. That’s probably why we more often use the word “renewal” instead. But when talking about skin cell turnover, both words fit. Desquamation describes the 28-40 day process of a skin cell being “born” in the very deepest dermal layer and traveling up to the skin surface until it is eventually shed as a dull, dry, skin cell.

Managing skin cell turnover – renewal – is key to healthy, beautiful skin. At Yag-Howard Cosmetic Dermatology we approach skin renewal from many angles, using many tools. Using the right tool at the right time is how we maximize your result, giving you the best, most plump, glowing, even-toned, beautiful, healthy skin possible. Read on for insights on taking your skin to the next level.

1. Chemical Peel – an obvious choice for removing old, dry, pigmented skin cells and revealing younger, dewier cells. But not all peels are created equal. Have you ever heard of a “no-peel” peel? If you avoided peels in the past because of stories you heard, it’s time to get current. Today’s peels are infinitely adjustable and are used to maintain and extend more significant treatments from lasers and light.

2. Skincare products – the $21billion US skincare product industry has thousands of products that assist with cellular turnover. Here again, using the right ones in combination for your skin is crucial to achieving a healthy turnover rate without going too far and too fast (think of the red, burned look of too much Retin-A). Click here to shop SkinBetter Science, one of our favorite collections.

3. Exfoliation – physical exfoliation, whether from a scrub or from a treatment like HydraFacial, can be very helpful. HydraFacial treatments not only clean the gunk from your pores, but the proprietary serums also loosen cellular bonds allowing the suction to gently lift and remove the older cells. At the same time, HydraFacial uses mild positive pressure to gently push serums into the skin, plumping and treating all at the same time.

4. Laser – treatments like Halo and Profractional laser remove just a few microns of skin tissue while leaving most of the skin tissue intact. By forcing your skin to heal from the treatment cellular turnover is accelerated. A Halo treatment also removes tiny "cores" or columns of tissue at the same time – a true “double-dip”! (Read more.)

5. BBL (Broad Band Light) – not a laser treatment, but a very bright light treatment, BBL has been shown to “reactivate” older skin cells making them behave like younger cells. Additionally, this targeted light can remove brown spots, giving skin an evenness that appears healthy and more youthful.


There are 5 skincare products that everyone should have. Wow! What a bold, and yet simple statement. The US skincare product market is expected to exceed $21billion this year, with over $14billion in facial products alone.* Yet with all the products available, we are saying there are only 5 products you must have in your regimen. Your 5 must-have products are:

1) Cleanser 2) Vitamin C 3) Moisturizer 4) Sunscreen 5) Vitamin A /Retinol

Many of us add upon these 5 must-have products with specialty or finesse products, like under-eye creams or brighteners. Additionally, many of the best products combine several benefits, like a moisturizer with 30SPF sunscreen, or vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid to plump your skin. If you would like some help improving your skincare regimen, call for a complimentary skincare consult with our Esthetician.

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