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Big Event? Let Us Help!

Updated: Mar 15

Many of our patients share their biggest events with us. Not to say we are actually at the event – we are their “Glam Squad”! Prepping for an event isn’t limited to The Housewives of Beverly Hills/Atlanta/New Jersey, etc. Lots of regular people understand how timing and a little bit of planning can really make a difference in how your results come together. Think of your aesthetic treatments the same way an athlete thinks about training – you want to “peak” at a certain time, or for a particular event.

You don’t need to be a bride to make plans around a big event like a wedding. Knowing that family and friends will gather to celebrate usually means you want to look your absolute best both in person and in photos. The same may be true for a significant graduation, birthday, or anniversary. We frequently work with patients who start planning a year prior to their big event. This allows us to synchronize your treatments and procedures such that your results are at their height for the event.

To better visualize how this works, here’s an Example:


Timing Prior


Sofwave – face, neck & chest

4-6 months

Allows your body 4-6 months to continuously form and improve exiting collagen in the deeper tissues. The lifting a tightening effect maximizes around the 6th month.

Fillers for facial contouring

3-4 months

Full effect peaks at 3-4 months for deeply injected fillers used to shape and contour.

Skincare Product Evaluation

3-4 months

Don’t underestimate the impact of medical-grade skincare used every day. It can be a game-changer. Most skincare products take 8-12 weeks to see full results. By starting early we can make small changes to your routine.

BBL or light Resurfacing – face, neck & chest

2-3 months

Remove dark spots, soften both irregularities and fine lines.

Botox/ Dysport (toxins)

2 months

Toxins take full effect after 2-3 weeks and begin to metabolize after 3-4 months. Injecting 2 months prior allows time for subtle adjustments just prior to event.

SkinPen Microneedling – face, neck & chest

1 month

Tighten and firm skin at the surface and minimize the appearance of pores. Decrease crepey-ness in decollete for clothes with revealing neck-lines.

Fillers – Lip and Mouth

1 month

Full effect peaks at 1-2 months for filler injected superficially – like in, and around, lips. One month prior allows time for any bruising to resolve.

Botox/ Dysport (toxins)

2-3 weeks

Subtle adjustments to lines in forehead, crow’s feet, mouth corners, etc. Allows time for any bruising to resolve.

HydraFacial with Dermaplane

1 week

Cleanses skin and stimulates blood flow, leaving a luminous finish. Dermaplaning removes “peach fuzz” and old skin cells for a polished finish and better makeup application.

This is just one example. You may have other areas you wish to address – like thinning hair, crepey arms, skintags or spots, small surface veins, or even improving the skin of your shoulders and back. We offer a wonderful variety of treatments to make sure you feel and look your absolute best for life in general, or for a special event. 

Looking at the Example above may appear daunting – or too costly. We have two marvelous offerings.

1)     VIP Program– our VIP program costs $500 and gives you 20% of everything aesthetic for 12 months. It’s the best value in town! You don’t have to wait for monthly specials or choose between doing it now at full price or later “on sale”. This program has grown every year since it was launched in 2016 and last year, almost 60% of our patients are VIP Program members!

2)     CareCredit – we offer 6-Months Interest Free through CareCredit. This allows you to do what you want, when you want and pay for it over 6 months – all at 0% interest. Another fabulous benefit is privacy. Many of our patients enjoy having a separate, private card for their services. Looking good can be your secret!

So, please make us a part of your big events! If you are unsure where to begin, start with a complimentary consultation – either with our Esthetician or one of our Providers. We will help you develop a plan that fits your goals, timelines and budget.  We would love to be part of your next big event! For a complimentary cosmetic consultation or appointment 239-529-DERM (3376) or Schedule On-Line.

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