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From the Desk of Dr. Cyndi: Get Skintimate with Dr. Cyndi!

Get Skintimate with Dr. Cyndi!

The holidays hold lots of pressure for many of us. Pressure to accomplish all our tasks, to gift thoughtfully, perhaps to travel, to look our best – and on top of all that, to be consistently happy. Wow – that’s a lot! 


I’d like to share my 5 favorite tips for truly enjoying the holiday season: 

  1. Connect with others – it doesn’t have to be family. Neighbors, colleagues, and strangers can all help you feel connected and enhance your holidays.  

  1. Keep it simple – a happy holiday doesn’t mean a week (or more) of perfect joy. Perhaps all you need is to add a few hours of volunteer work, or a special holiday event with your favorite seasonal treat.  

  1. Be realistic – figure out what brings you joy and do that. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re going to lose 5 pounds, get the perfect haircut, bake all the family favorites, and meet up with all your friends and family.  

  1. Don’t overspend – many of us are focusing more on experiences than on things.  Realize that it’s OK to gracefully receive a gift without feeling pressure to return a gift. Sometimes the best gift is coffee or cocktails paired with lots of laughter.  

  1. Take time for yourself – whatever that means for you. Driving through neighborhoods or strolling the avenue to see holiday lights may be your zen place. Or maybe it’s a Spa treatment . . . because you deserve a gift too!  


Whatever you do this holiday season, I hope it is joyful. Our office will be closed the days between December 25th and January 1st, giving us time to relax, connect, and enjoy. From me, my family, and all of us at YHCD – we wish you the very bestholiday and look forward to catching up next year!


All my best: 

Dr. Cyndi 

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