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From the Desk of Dr. Cyndi: Have a Plan

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

I completed three home/office renovations in the past 12 months. Ugh…. If I learned nothing else, I learned that you’ve got to have a plan. You might be surprised to know that having a plan is just as important in your cosmetic care as it is in your home renovation!

When developing a custom treatment plan, my PA, Traci Long, and I evaluate each patient and determine which combination of treatments will most effectively give them the best and most lasting results within their timeline and budget. Some patients have a deadline, such as a pictures for an upcoming family wedding, while some patients have a fixed budget – either way we work to find the plan that fits. As with any plan, we often make changes along the way. So, the plan may change, but we remain true to the goal.

Here's an example of some of the treatments we consider when developing a plan for a patient concerned with an aging face.

  • Address the need for injectables: Dysport/Botox, dermal fillers and/or Sculptra – address face shape, wrinkles and deeper lines as well as lifting of the brow and smile.

  • Address need for BBL, Cutera and/or chemical peels to improve evenness of skin tones: dark spots, vessels and rough patches can be resolved giving skin a much more youthful, healthy appearance.

  • Address skin elasticity and firmness: Halo, Sofwave, and microneedling work at different layers of the tissue to tighten skin and improve elasticity.

  • Address skincare regimen: are the 5 critical types of products in place? If not fill in the holes.

A key feature in developing the treatment plan is determining which treatments are needed and the optimal timing. Come see me or Traci if you would like to talk more about your own aesthetic plan. We are happy to get you started on a path that brings you increased confidence and helps you to be happy in the skin you are in!

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