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Naples Dermatologist, Dr. Cyndi Yag-Howard, Receives American Academy of Dermatology Presidential Ci

Naples, Florida, June 23rd, 2020-- Dr. Cyndi Yag-Howard of Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center ( announces that she has been awarded the Presidential Citation Award from the American Academy of Dermatology. Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center delivers top tier surgical, medical and aesthetic dermatology services, as well as medspa offerings and a full line of healthy skincare products.

This award states: “In recognition of Yag-Howard's tireless efforts, serving as Chair of the American Medical Association's dermatology section council, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has awarded her this prestigious honor. Under Yag-Howard's leadership, the dermatology section council has expanded to over 40 dermatologist delegates, leading various efforts to advance certain issues in the House of Delegates. Among these efforts, delegates are working toward increasing access to affordable drugs, providing flexibility for small practices and highlighting the importance of studying and addressing vector borne disease.”

With over two decades of experience in the field of dermatology, Dr. Yag-Howard views each face as a canvas, combining artistry and skin health to bring out the natural beauty in all of her patients. She has earned esteemed recognition by her dermatology colleagues throughout the years, and also serves on the AAD Board of Directors.

She speaks about receiving the Presidential Citation Award and what makes the field of dermatology so very important.

“It's a crucial part of my career to be a voice for my fellow colleagues and our patients. In light of all that has happened this year, it's imperative that dermatologists everywhere continue to provide their patients with the very best service and expertise possible. The health of our skin is so important, and I am honored to have been recognized for my efforts, not only with my patients, but in my profession as well,” she explains.

About Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetics CenterYag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetics Center is the private practice of Dr. Yag-Howard. Located in Naples, Florida, Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center offers a variety of medical and cosmetic services including but not limited to: Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment, Skin Surgery, Laser Services, and Facial Sculpting. Dr. Yag-Howard offers top quality service backed by two decades of experience.

To learn more about Yag-Howard Dermatology Center, please visit or call (239)-529-3376.

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