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Q&A with Dr. John DeNigris

Q. I have a spot that’s changing, should I get it checked out by a dermatologist?

A. In general, anything on the skin that is changing, bleeding, or itching is worth having your Dermatologist check it out. Benign spots are non-cancerous spots that may have some symptoms, but it is very important to have skin cancer ruled out. Many skin cancers have no symptoms at all and are only noticed because they are new or changing. 

Q. I have noticed some of my skin has become very rough, especially on areas like my face and forearms, is there something that can be done to soften my skin?

A. There are many causes of rough skin, but one of the most common skin findings I see are pre-cancers, known as actinic keratosis, usually on the arms and face. These are spots that are not cancerous yet, but can become cancer over time. There are many options for treating these spots, and we focus on what works best for each patient. Some treatments can be done at home and some treatments are done in clinic. We are always happy to check the areas of concern.

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