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Q&A with Dr. John DeNigris

Q. Is adult acne usually hormonal? Or food allergies/sensitivities? Or just hereditary?

A. Acne is a group of skin disorders which affect the follicles of the face, neck, chest and back. The condition is common, and there are many factors that cause it. Adult acne is a common issue we see in individuals who either never had acne before or those who have had acne their whole life. The first thing to do is to discern which type of acne the patient is experiencing. Diet may play a role in acne for some people, with skim milk and foods with high glycemic index (foods high in sugars and carbohydrates) being the most likely culprits. Generally, Diet will play a smaller role than genetics, but unlike genetics, is much easier to adjust. Genetics plays a large role, and many people who experience acne have family members who have also suffered from it. Hormones do play a direct role in acne; however, this is true for all acne and does not mean the patient has a hormone disorder. There are also other forms of acne that we see in adults. For instance, acne mechanica, well known now as Mask-ne, a mask induced acne eruption. While treatment is usually similar to normal acne treatment, determining the cause will allow us to effectively treat the disorder If you are experiencing acne and would like an evaluation, we would be happy to develop a treatment plan specific to you and your needs.

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