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Q&A with Dr. John DeNigris

Q. Does clothing work as an effective sunscreen, or only the special SPF clothing? Or it’s really just a marketing thing?

A. Common clothing providing sun protection is a common misconception. Generally clothing made of cotton provides an equivalent of an SPF of 5, which is insufficient, especially in Florida. On the other hand, many clothing lines are creating protective clothing that has a UPF rating, which is SPF for cloths. What this means is that the clothing has been created specifically to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This is a fantastic way to safely protect your skin without having to worry about constantly re-applying sunscreen. The downside is that many parts of the skin may still be exposed such as the ears, neck, hands, and feet. The best way to protect your skin is with a combination of clothing with UPF and sunscreen. If you have any questions about your sunscreens, clothing or skin protection please feel free to see us!

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