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Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center Welcomes Linda Glaeser as Practice Administrator

Naples, Florida, February 18th, 2020-- Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center announces that Linda Glaeser has joined the team as the new Practice Administrator just this month. Headed by industry veteran, Dr. Cyndi Yag-Howard, Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center offers a wide range of cosmetic and dermatological services to its patients, as well as its very own line of all-natural skincare products.

An executive with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Glaeser places her focus on serving the customer and enhancing the patient experience at every level. Using a blend of people and process improvement that elevates practices, Glaeser creates an exceptional environment for patients and employees alike. Obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Radiology and her Masters in Business, Glaeser has achieved the perfect background to understand all aspects of the practice. Utilizing her training with Dale Carnegie and her Six Sigma certification, she has enhanced her focus and skills on creating streamlined processes throughout the business.

Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center ( strives to provide the very best services in the industry, focusing on giving patients a comfortable environment and utilizing practices that help patients feel beautiful. Dr. Cyndi Yag-Howard speaks about Glaeser and the impact she has made on the team.

“Linda [Glaeser] has extreme experience in this industry and she is already taking the reigns and establishing herself as a go-to source for both patients and staff. I am certain that she will have a bright future here and I'm looking forward to the positive impact that she will continue to make,” she explains.

Glaeser also speaks about Dr. Cyndi and her team.

“Patients just love the way they are cared for by Dr. Cyndi, her PA Traci – and really the whole team. Dr. Cyndi’s reputation is the best in the region and her leadership amongst other dermatologists at both a local and national level is truly inspiring. I could not have chosen a more perfect place to work,” she says.

About Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetics Center

Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetics Center is the solo private practice of Dr. Yag-Howard. Located in Naples, Florida, Yag-Howard Dermatology and Aesthetic Center offers a variety of medical and cosmetic services including but not limited to: Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment, Skin Surgery, Laser Services, and Facial Sculpting. Dr. Yag-Howard offers top quality service backed by two decades of experience.

To learn more about Yag-Howard Dermatology Center, please visit or call (239)-529-3376.

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