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Over the course of Dr. Cyndi’s more than 20-year career in dermatology, she has emerged as not only an award-winning doctor, but also a leader, teacher, and mentor to others in her field. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, insight, and the techniques she has invented with others so that they can provide the very best care to their own patients. Dr. Cyndi and her entire team are proud and honored to have been featured in the fine publications listed here.



Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Dec. 14, 2023

Dermal suture height differential: The secret to simplifying and optimizing wound edge eversion     (

Dermatology Clinics, Sept. 2023

How to Become a Successful Businesswoman in Dermatology

Dermatologic Surgery, 2021

Introducing the Bi-Pli Stitch: A New Surgical Technique to Relieve Tension in Large Surgical Defects

International Journal of Women's Dermatology, Apr. 2021

Novel Filler Technique: Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium Hydroxyapatite Mixture Resulting in Favorable esthetic and longevity outcomes

èBella Magazine, Feb. 2020

The Truth About Collagen

èBella Magazine, Oct. 2020

Medical Care in the Time of COVID

Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Dec. 2016

Tape Buttress Technique to Appose and Evert Defect Edges in Atrophic Skin

Dermatologic Surgery, 2016

Commentary on the Accuracy of Ultrasonography on the Location of Lipomas in the Forehead

Dermatologic Surgery, 2015

Suture Products and Techniques: What to Use, Where, and Why

Dermatologic Surgery, 2014

Sutures, Needles, and Tissue Adhesives: A Review for Dermatologic Surgery

COS DERM, July 2013

Absorbable Poliglecaprone 25 Sutures for Both Subcutaneous and  Transepidermal Closure:  A Cosmetically and Economically Appealing Option

Dermatologic Surgery, 2013

Making and Using a Mouse Pad Model of Skin to Practice Suturing Techniques

Dermatologic Surgery, 2013

Malignant Melanoma in Pigmented Skin: Does the Current Interventional Model Fit a Different Clinical, Histological, and Molecular Entity?

Naples Illustrated, Jan. 2013

Dialogue with a Doctor: Naples Illustrated's Guide to the Area's Top Medical Advisers

èBella Magazine, Nov. 2012

Moisturizing is a Must

Dermatologic Surgery, Oct. 2012

COMMENTARY: A Prospective Comparison Between Neutralizing the pH of 1% Lidocaine with Epinephrine (Buffering) and Pre-Operative Skin Cooling in Reducing the Pain of Infiltration of Local Anesthetic 


Dermatologic Surgery, Apr. 2012

Novel Approach to Decreasing Tension While Approximating Wound Edges in Advancement Flaps: The ImPli Stitch

Published Article, 2012

Distinctive Women

Dermatologic Surgery, 2011

Novel Surgical Approach to Subcutaneous Closure: The Subcutaneous Inverted Cross Mattress Stitch (SICM Stitch)

èBella Magazine, December 2011

The Power of Antioxidants

Women's Dermatologic Society

All About Fillers

èBella Magazine

Look on the Outside as Young as You Feel on the Inside - A Review of Fillers and Neurotoxins

Dermatologic Surgery

Zipper Stitch: A Novel Aesthetic Subcutaneous Closure

What is Collagen and Why is It Important?



Press Mention, Naples Illustrated (pg. 182), January 2024

Soaking Up The Sun (Safely)

Press Mention, Gulfshore Life Healthy Life, July 2023

Lighten the Mood & The Secret Ingredients

Press Mention, MedPage Today, June 2023

AMA Declares Payment Reform an 'Urgent' Priority

Press Mention,, Feb. 2023

Dermatologists team up with a corporate sponsor to provide shade in Florida

Press Mention, eBella, July 2022

Women to Watch

Press Mention, 2020

Florida Dermatologist Recognized for Treatment of Vietnam Veteran

Press Mention, June 2020

Naples Dermatologist, Dr. Cyndi Yag-Howard, Receives American Academy of Dermatology Presidential Citation Award

Press Mention, Dec. 2018

2019 Winner of the Procter & Gamble Science Behind Symposium Award

Business Observer, Sept. 2016

Dr. Yag-Howard Recognized by the AMA

Florida Weekly, Sept. 2016

ON THE MOVE: Awards & Recognition

Gulfshore Business Daily, Aug. 2016

Dr. Yag-Howard Recognized by AMA

Gulfshore Business Daily, June 2016

Dr. Yag-Howard Testifies Before AMA Policymakers

Naples Daily News, June 2016

Dr. Yag-Howard Testifies Before American Medical Association

èBella Magazine, Feb. 2013

Influential Women Leaders

The Dermatologist, Dec. 2012

Spotlight On: Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD

Gulfshore Life, Oct. 2012

Dermatology Spotlight

èBella Magazine, Feb. 2012

Influential Women Leaders - Accomplishing One Goal & Looking Ahead at Another

American Academy of Dermatology Leaders in Giving, 2011

Going the Distance for Camp Discovery

University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine, 2021

Innovative Suturing Techniques That Can Change Your Surgical Practice and Outcomes

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What Our Patients Say

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Naomi C.

"Dr. Cyndi is so amazing. She provides the quality of care that you could expect to receive from someone who is a family member. You receive true TLC at this practice!"

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